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Can I Talk to Todd? How Much Help Will I Get?

Todd will be conducting Live Support Sessions for the group throughout the first 90 days. You're encouraged to join and ask questions either live on the call or by submitting ahead of time. These support sessions can be invaluable and so much can be learned through having your own questions answered by Todd as well those of fellow members.

All support sessions are recorded and (barring any technical difficulties) added within a few days to the member site. Timestamps will be included with the recordings, so you can skip to any sections that you find relevant at any given time - a great timesaver!

While there aren't any 1-on-1 calls available with Todd, we've also built a support community directly into the course. The 90 Day Year Facebook community is filled with a diverse group of entrepreneurs at all levels of business, some with extensive experience in implementing 90 Day Year principles into their businesses. Ambassador Coaches handpicked by Todd also help guide the way in the Facebook group.

And of course, you always have the help of Todd's Customer Care Team at or 347-263-8787. Please reach out to us anytime with any questions you have!


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